At HUBARTZ we reach out , inspire and connect people who are looking for a niche to express themselves through ART.
HUBARTZ provide solutions to all your creative queries by provide exclusive and dedicated services with a personal touch.

HUBARTZ is a dedicated niche of Hubspace Interiors dealing with ART. Here we provide platforms for talented Artist to feature and sell their artwork online and also through our projects. Our team focus on carefully curating the finest artwork and push their boundaries to assist Artist in showcasing their work to the most appropriate audience and assist in journey of finding the right destination for your ART

Many of us are not sure what we really want to buy. Questions like do this art fit my decor, is this the work I really want to own? Will it suit my brand? Is this the style that I want to go for… and many more.Here at HUBARTZ we come up with perfect solutions for all your concerns. Our Art Advisory experts can guide and offer you with few pieces for a month . This will also hep you to now HUBARTZ and their services better before committing to buy or rent art. It is not essential that it has to be an expensive one. A wall needs to have an Artwork that fit the space and add more value to space. Our team is highly professional to guide to what works well with your space and deliver what they commit.

We believes in the power of art. Interesting and beautiful artwork can be transformational and provide a wonderful added value to any space. We pride ourselves on creating unique art experiences, providing an edge for our clients.

Hubartz in collaboration with
International Watercolor SOCIETY UAE (IWS-UAE)

The International Watercolor Society (IWS) is a non-profit organization which was established in January 2012 with the objective of promoting the world’s oldest and most deeply rooted painting technique, the art of watercolor. IWS was founded by Mr. Atanur Dogan. IWS aim to bring the watercolor art to the forefront as they develop, promote and popularize watercolors/water-media in every country. IWS currently has about 95 branches across the world. Each branch nurtures, guides and sets international platforms for their artists through exhibitions and festivals across the world. IWS-UAE is a unit of the International Watercolor Society. IWS UAE aim of exchanging proposals and artistic beauty in the watercolor technique and to uplift standards through discussions, seminars, workshops, master classes and inviting IWS members from around the world. Our aim is to showcase the work of all watercolor artists residing in UAE.

Managing Director

Managing Director

HUPSPACE Interiors

Mrinmay C Sebastian
Head of Creatives and operation

Country Head of International Watercolor Society – IWS UAE

Member of Global Advisory Board- IWS Globe