Amrita Bhatia

Amrita’s journey with art has been deeply personal, one of exploration and self-discovery. She believes we are all artists, each on our “artist’s journey” – whether we realize it or not.

Amrita, who describes herself as hyper-aware of her surroundings is inherently a free spirit and has led a carefree and rebellious life. What began as a hobby, her work has evolved artistically and reflects her interpretations of emotions and the world around her.

Amrita creates playful portraits, bouncing between real life and the one she imagines. Her art pieces are recreated forms of nature, especially water and sunlight. Some of her work speaks of courage and aspirations, while in others you are likely to find a pathway to a mystical world. Amrita often links nature and art as the spaces where she found her balance between solitude and belonging. Her paintings can be best described as idyllic and compelling in their simplicity and expressive feeling. She especially loves it when her brush strokes induce her to seek her own style and create landscape portrayals that evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. Somewhere between the figurative and the abstract, Amrita’s paintings feature an elegant, subdued palette. They have a meditative serenity that speaks of a wandering artistic soul that has found peace.

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