Shobha Iyer

Shobha Iyer, an Indian artist based in The United Arab Emirates is a self-taught freelance artist and always keen to learn more about art as she enhance her passion during her journey in art. Her love in colors and color combinations incorporated in all the artworks she gives life are a visual treat and widely appreciated within the art industry. Though her indulgence has been predominantly Oil Colors from the start she has also mastered in various medium like Water, Acrylic, Mix Media and Fabric Colors. She doesn’t compromise when it comes to the quality of materials used to paint her imaginations which is justified by the result of her artworks as the same submits an elegant yet longstanding quality artwork. Over the recent period her experiments in Mural art using water color as the prime medium has been very challenging since the artworks demands minute detailing and crispness in construction. As these types of creation required utmost concentration and patience each of her works takes months to complete and upon completion she is satisfied as the final outcome which makes her creation magical and much appreciated and demanding in the art industry. Being a student of art, willingness to learn more on various style and techniques has prompted her to master her creation on fabrics with the help of mural and contemporary style of art. Having presented her artworks in various platforms within the region and abroad Ms. Shobha Iyer has acclaimed several accolades from across the globe.

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