Dhanesh Kondon

Dhanesh Kondon narrates stories with his brushstrokes – stories of men and women, from far and wide, and of places, seen and unsung, and of objects, contextual and conceptual.

As an artist, Dhanesh’s sensibilities are shaped by his own multicultural experiences – of growing up in the monsoon rich south Indian state of Kerala, where colors come alive in wonderous hues and the sea plays a ceaseless melody.

His passion for the arts took him to the College of Fine Arts in Kerala, where he specialized in Applied Arts. After graduation, he refined his skills by teaching design and painting for five years to undergraduate students.

Now a creative director with a leading design company in Dubai, his artistic bent finds expression in the service of brands and businesses.

Dhanesh lives in Dubai with his wife Joona and daughters Agneya, and Akarsha.


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