Dr.Yaser Habrawi


Is a Dubai based eye doctor and surgeon by profession. He is an amateur painter with a special  passion for portraiture. His portraits are done in watercolor, acrylics and oil.

Yaser is a member of the Syrian Union for Applied Arts.

He became an active member of the IWS “ International Watercolor Society “ more than three years ago and is now the IWS country head for Syria .

Yaser had several solo exhibitions in Syria and abroad..

His solo exhibition entitled “ Aleppo , Portraits of the distinguished “ had an unprecedented applause by the Artistic society  in Aleppo and was considered both as historical and artistic documentary.

Yaser has also participated in several artistic events in Syria and Dubai. He lead  regular portrait demos and workshops at the Cartoon Art Gallery in Dubai UAE.

His works are found in Syria, France, UK, USA and UAE.



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