Irudhayanathan Thangaraj

IRUDHAYANATHAN THANGARAJ is a contemporary Indian artist known for his inventive, figurative painting and sculptures. Utilizing dark, contrast, bright colors and wry subject matter, Nathan’s earthy paintings tackle subjects of every-day life. The artist gleans inspiration from a variety of sources. including the collection of photographs he clicks. His style is realistic abstract, and semi abstract. Comfortable on all types of medium (pencil sketch, charcoal, water color, Acrylic painting, Oil painting and Mixed medium), he has done several solo and groups shows.

Born 1986 in Tamil Nadu, India. he went on to study and earn a Bachelor of Visual Arts(Painting)at the Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam-Pondicherry and Technical teachers’ certificate(Painting) Pondicherry university. India.

A painter, Art Teacher, sculpture, theatre artist, photographer, Nathan excels in printmaking and stage work. Nathan lives and works in Dubai, UAE.


U.K,France,Norway,London,Holland,Canada,Switzerland,Italy,Finland,UAE,India (Bengalore, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry-Chief secretariat Puducherry & Roman Rolland Library)


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