I came to UAE in 1995 in connection with putting up a factory for making Glass bottles. It was only destiny, otherwise after working happily for thirty four years in the same company, I was preparing for settling down somewhere in India.

I had been fond of Arts and wanted to be a painter, but those days it was not supposed to be a good career & my parents did not agree. The vacuum of not doing anything for Art remained deep in my heart.

This was year 2001 when my work contract with the Glass Company in Dubai was over & I joined Sharjah Art Institute, studied there for three years and finally passed out with full certification.

I did lot of painting work on Fabric, porcelain and canvas, but own 2013 – 2014 I decided to choose Canvas as my medium of spreading joy with Colors.
I had few of my solo exhibitions in Arab Cultural Club, Ministry of Culture, Sharjah, during 2015 to 2017, which were well received & welcomed and were covered in Press and Sharjah TV. During this period, I got connected with many online galleries and a few corporate houses for sale of my work. SOLD MANY PAINTINGS TO CORPORATE CLIENTS IN DUBAI. I am regularly exhibiting my work along with my artist friends at various places like Ahmedia heritage guesthouse, Flora hotel dubai, Arthub at Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Radisson Blue Daera, Fairmont Ajman etc.
This year I have exhibited at India Habitat Center,Delhi and my one show is running at Newly Opened
Mall in Mohali, Chandigarh

As I am writing these lines, I am plus 78 and paint daily for 3 to 5 hours.

My paintings, which I call ‘COLORS’, are generated from the vibrations of Positive energy, which I wish to pass on to masses through my canvases. I enjoy the beauty in Simplicity of Colors and celebrate their calmness, which continuously vibrates in my mind while I paint.

I am member of Emirates fine art Society where I participated in their show in feb 2019
I had an independent stall in World Art Dubai 2018 and 2019 where some 24 canvas were displayed. Again I will be exhibiting inWAD 2020 in April , for which booking has already been done.

Very Fortunately, Art is not my livelihood and it’s my wish & desire that the Colors of my canvass touches the heart of each & every Art lover without much of financial compulsions. I don’t aim to reach to those Intellectuals for whom two plus two is four only. I believe in total freedom when it comes to Art and try to get connected through human heart.

You will find most of my paintings as smooth effortless creation blessed by some Divine Power being presented to you with a wish to bring lot of Good luck and joy to you.


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