Mrinmay C Sebastian

Mrinmay Sebastian hails from Kerala, A Self taught Indian Artist, currently residing in Dubai, UAE.

She was both a poet and and artist who have always had a passion for capturing moments on my Canvas. Since school and college days she have won many awards in Paintings. It is with passion and practice over years that she is able to offer her expression in the form of her Creative works. Colors excite Mrinmay and through her work she wish to share excitement,energy,warmth and happiness around her.

Mrinmay have exhibited in various venues in Dubai and in India.Her works have found many happy homes.Her recent exhibition was at World Art Dubai 2016.

Her artistic journey began exploring different mediums and she found Watercolor as her greatest companion.Now she work on spreading the magic of Watercolors… Last five years Mrinmay was mainly focused on Watercolor. In September 2015 she was appointed as the Country Head of International Watercolor Society -UAE. In December she was also nominated as the Board Member of Advisory Committee 2015 till 2020 for the International Watercolor Society-Globe. In Feb 2016 Mrinmay had successfully organized Online International Contest- IWS Arab Nations ,where there was almost 2500 participants from around the globe . In November did a National Watercolor Contest in UAE-1st time ever . Recognizing her contribution towards Watercolor International Watercolor Society in invited her to Turkey International Golden Brush Festival as a special guest.

Since December2015 Mrinmay started working as Gallery Manager of the Cartoon Art Gallery. Since then she was happy to organize many Art events both for Professionals and Kids and amateurs and was also invited to be a Judge for many Art events across UAE. She has also participated in many exhibitions both in UAE and other International Exhibitions in various Countries- Hungary, Albania, Vietnam, Indonesia , Prague, Nepal ,India , Bangladesh etc.

She is organizer for the 1st International Watercolor Festival here in UAE -Feb2018.She has hosted many exhibitions,organized many prestigious events and masterclass of many Master including Celebrity Artist Alvaro Castagnet. She is also providing ,her service as Art Consultant, Curator, Watercolor workshops and demonstrations , Art Event organizer etc.

Holding her passion close to her heart Mrinmay tread her journey of life spreading colors and happiness around her. .

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