Mr. Thankachen kumaran is an artist born in Kerala-India to a family of intellectual’s .They encouraged his love of paintings, and by the age of 20, he decided he would train as an artist .He graduated with Post diploma in Fine Arts and currently working as Technical Design Manager at architectural firm in Dubai.UAE

He Loves art and paintings. His passion is always watercolor. “Spontaneity” is something he values most in his paintings as this is what will make them special.

The flexibility and flow of luminous, transparent watercolor is exciting and as well as challenging me, watercolor creates its own unexpected (and sometimes awful) surprises. Painting intuitively and deliberately ignoring rules and theories is riskier but much more fun.

He also enjoys the feeling of control when working with oil and acrylic. Working in Acrylic and Oil on canvas, he uses the rich tones that provide to give his paintings a strong physical presence. The resulting works transform standard notions of realism into a uniquely expressive form His artwork has been exhibited at various art institutions and cultural events in India, Dubai, Vietnam and Italy.



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